Corporate tax

This is quite an important decision to expand your business into middle europe teritory. Time is money and money can be lost. We are professionals proud on the fact anyone can rely on us, even in 100.000.000 EUR business.

Personal tax

Whatever you are

  • foreign student working in the CZ during summer holiday
  • car industry consultant
  • applicant for long-term resident in the CZ
  • expat living in the CZ
  • software programmer on short-time project

we can help you with this strange thing called “taxes”.

Value added tax

We offer you solutions for VAT in EU. VAT is almost unified thoughout the EU, but there are still small differences or exceptions in each country. So finally things can be done in a different way.

  •  supply of goods (B2C, B2B)
  • supply of services (B2C, B2B)
  • MOSS
  •  VAT refund


If you need some kind of permanent establishment obviously you will need to focus on your own business and let someone else to take care of “office work”. Bookkeeping, reporting, stock evidence etc.

Business and tax advisory

In your need we are able to arrange your new business in the Czech republic based on private-public limited company or based on your new czech business licence. These bulk of services are provided by means of trustful aproved public notaries and lawyers.

You can also sign written authority (specialized – settlement of company or general – for local tax authority) to have your problems solved.

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